Beaver_CMYK_blue_stack“I promise to do my best; To be kind and helpful; And to love God” – The Beaver Promise

We run two Beaver Colonies at Randwick Scout Group – one on a Wednesday evening and one on a Thursday evening. Each colony is run by a Leader who is supported by parent helpers. Our Leaders plan and organise a varied and exciting programme of termly activities.

As the youngest members of Randwick Scout Group, Beavers are encouraged to participate in creative tasks, explore their local community and join in community activities. Beavers gain badges to recognise their achievements and are also able to camp under the stars with their friends at ‘Beaver Camp’.

Wednesday Beavers Monthly Blog…

January started off with team games, lots of relay games working together to find an easier way to do things. we also had a talk with the Beavers to get some ideas what they would like to do during the term. On the 17th we had 7 new Beavers start, they settled in well and we were doing emergency aid, and how to contact the emergency services if need. Last week we had a joint meeting with Weds Cubs to see 4 of our Beavers swim up. Again we were doing Emergency Aid with the Police and Fire service. A great time was had by all.

This month also saw us take 11 Beavers to Cranham to do their space badge, where they had the mobile planetarium, this was a very interesting morning and was enjoyed by all.

Sunday saw us take Beavers from Weds and Thursday to the Pantomime at Leonard Stanley to see Dick Whittington. All the feedback was good they all enjoyed it some said it was better than last year.


We began 2018 with a simple games evening to introduce our 5 new Beavers and strengthen our team working skills.

The week after we focused on the Green Cross Code, and put it into practice crossing the road outside HQ in groups. We then moved on to discuss the Water Safety Code, looking at safety on the beach and around waterways. As well as this, we also had a fire drill which caused an unexpected visit back outside to the cold! To end the evening, we carried out our first Log Chew of the year, discussing what we’d like to do over the year.

For our last meeting of January, we completed our safety badge – recapping the Green Cross Code and the Water Safety Code before moving on to talk about potential dangers in the hut, stranger danger, railway safety and how to call the emergency services.