Beaver_CMYK_blue_stack“I promise to do my best; To be kind and helpful; And to love God” – The Beaver Promise

We run two Beaver Colonies at Randwick Scout Group – one on a Wednesday evening and one on a Thursday evening. Each colony is run by a Leader who is supported by parent helpers. Our Leaders plan and organise a varied and exciting programme of termly activities.

As the youngest members of Randwick Scout Group, Beavers are encouraged to participate in creative tasks, explore their local community and join in community activities. Beavers gain badges to recognise their achievements and are also able to camp under the stars with their friends at ‘Beaver Camp’.

Wednesday Beavers Half Termly (June to August) Blog…

Our first week back we made and decorated windmills seeing how the patterns change with the wind speed. The following week we went to Cranham and did the Challenge course which went down well, very wet happy children went home. The next week we split the colony into 2 teams and played rounders. The following 2 weeks we did a mini beast hunt and America Independence Day where we coloured in the American flag and ate popcorn also we talked about why it is celebrated.

On Saturday the 7th July we took 15 Beavers Tubing at Robinswood Ski Centre. Apart from it being very hot they had a great time. On the 11th we went down to the Fire Station at Paganhill which always goes down well with the children.
To finish off the term we had a water fun games night.

Thursday Beavers Monthly Blog…

After half term we returned to an evening of different food types. We looked at what a balanced diet is and made posters, sampled chocolate and even made fruit smoothies!

The week after we took to elastic bands and bamboo sticks to construct our very own catapults! A variety of techniques were tried but all resorted to a tripod eventually.

Our treat of the month was a trip to Cranham Scout Centre to experience caving, climbing and grass sledging! All enjoyed, even the leaders with stopping grass sledges going off the end of the hill!

To end June, we had a disability talk from one of our parents, which also involved trying out a wheelchair and attempting to throw balls into hoops whilst blindfolded. Many thanks to Tom for the evening.

The first week in July we had an evening of finishing off bits of badge work. We lot candles, re-rolled our neckers and learned how to tie shoe laces.

The next week we spent on Rodborough Common, having ice cream before playing a game of capture the flag.

To end the term, we had a water fight which caused everyone to become soaked, not helped by the water slide also on offer!