“I promise to do my best; To be kind and helpful; And to love God” – The Beaver Promise

We run two Beaver Colonies at Randwick Scout Group – one on a Wednesday evening and one on a Thursday evening. Each colony is run by a Leader who is supported by parent helpers. Our Leaders plan and organise a varied and exciting programme of termly activities.

As the youngest members of Randwick Scout Group, Beavers are encouraged to participate in creative tasks, explore their local community and join in community activities. Beavers gain badges to recognise their achievements and are also able to camp under the stars with their friends at ‘Beaver Camp’.

Wednesday Beavers Monthly Blog…

Started November with Haggis coming and giving a talk on WW1 using a PowerPoint presentation of his visit to the war graves. Then on the 11th we had a good turnout at the Remembrance Service, with Elsie and George reading a poem and Noah laying the wreath. This all went towards gaining their poppy badge.
The following week was Anti Bullying and each lodge did a little play, and worked out how better to deal with this.
We also had a trip to the Museum in the Park which they thoroughly enjoyed.
Last week we covered the Jewish festival of Hanukkah where they made a Star of David lots of glitter everywhere took quite a time to clear up.

Thursday Beavers Monthly Blog…

We began November by making poppies out of bottle bottoms, painting them in the respective colours.
The week after we had a visit from the Hedgehog Hospital who discussed the importance of looking after a hedgehog that has been injured. We even got to meet Georgia the (hibernating) hedgehog! On the Sunday of this week, 8 beavers attended the Remembrance Service at Randwick.
The next week we spent the evening fire lighting, with varying success.  We toasted marshmallows on the fires that had taken hold, before having a go with sparklers!
Carrying on with the food theme, the next week we made spring rolls. Preparing the vegetable fillings ourselves before wrapping and cooking them!
To finish November, we had a talk form the Animal Welfare Service at Stroud District Council who talked to us about the importance of their work in ensuring animal safety across the district. Many thanks to Josie for her time.