“I promise to do my best; To be kind and helpful; And to love God” – The Beaver Promise

We run two Beaver Colonies at Randwick Scout Group – one on a Wednesday evening and one on a Thursday evening. Each colony is run by a Leader who is supported by parent helpers. Our Leaders plan and organise a varied and exciting programme of termly activities.

As the youngest members of Randwick Scout Group, Beavers are encouraged to participate in creative tasks, explore their local community and join in community activities. Beavers gain badges to recognise their achievements and are also able to camp under the stars with their friends at ‘Beaver Camp’.

Wednesday Beavers Monthly Blog…

November has been a busy month for us. We started the month finishing off making poppies and icing biscuits. On Sunday 10th we took part in the Remembrance Service at Randwick Church which goes towards their Faith badge and My World Challenge badge. Thank you to Asa and Miller for laying the Beaver wreath at the War Memorial.  On 13th we went to Waitrose for a visit, they had to find fruit and veg in the colours of the rainbow, they looked round the fish, meat and cheese counters. We went into the warehouse, the chillers and the freezers, then finished up in the canteen where they had fruit tasting and a quiz to do. A great evening was had by all.

The following week we talked about bullying for Anti bullying week and they made posters.

We finished off the month doing fire lighting with Haggis. He did a safety talk first then we went outside and they helped to build the fire, when the fire was ready they toasted marshmallows then ate them between biscuits. Many thanks Haggis for helping us.

Thursday Beavers Monthly Blog…

We began November with a visit by PCSO Jayne Fellows who talked to us about the role of the police and bullying before letting us have a go in her police car! The Sunday of this week we headed up to Randwick for Remembrance Sunday. 9 Beavers were in attendance and one contributed to the service itself solo! The week after we completed the second part of our space badge, looking at constellations and a current space mission. The next week we created spaghetti towers/bridges using nothing apart from spaghetti and marshmallows – this had a varying success although a wide range of designs was displayed. For our last meeting of the term we were due to be fire lighting, however due to the weather, this was moved inside to a games evening. The Friday immediately after this, we headed to Go Bananas for a joint sleepover with Stonehouse Beavers. This was an excitable night for all with all asleep by 3:30 am……before being woken at 6am!