Our Team

The Group Executive Committee run Randwick Scout Group, their role is to make decisions and carry out administrative tasks so that high quality Scouting Activities can be provided.

Randwick Scout Groups Executive Committee is made up of:

  • Chairman: Steve Powell
  • Secretary: Alli Cook
  • Treasurer: Andrew Fraser
  • Group Scout Leader: Position Vacant (Volunteer here)
  • Scout Leader (Thursday): Alex Bingle
  • Scout Leader (Friday): Paul Blanch
  • Cub Scout Leader (Wednesday): Louise Little
  • Cub Scout Leader (Friday): Ange Smith
  • Beaver Scout Leader (Wednesday): Denise Gifford
  • Beaver Scout Leader (Thursday): Kelly Ward
  • Parent Representatives: Dave Burns, Bonnie East, Richard Fagan, Tracy Pritchard and Jeremy Riley.

Randwick Scout Group is part of the Stroud & Tetbury District of Scout Groups, which in turn in part of the Gloucestershire County Scouts, which is part of Scouting UK.