Cub_logo_stack“I promise that I will do my best; To do my duty to God and to the Queen; To help other people; And to keep the Cub Scout Law” – The Cubs Promise

We run two Cub Packs at Randwick Scout Group – one on a Wednesday evening and one on a Friday evening. Each pack is run by a Leader who is supported by parent helpers. Our Leaders plan and organise a varied and exciting programme of termly activities.

Cubs are encouraged to participate in a range of outdoor pursuits, community activities and exciting experiences. Challenge awards and badges are gained to recognise their achievements, plus they have the opportunity to attend camps and residential trips.

Cubs Monthly Blog…


During the first week of the month, all of  the Cubs completed craft activities for Mother’s Day.

The following week, Wednesday Cubs brought in collections, talked about their hobbies and sports interests. As a result, they completed their Hobbies, Collector, Sports Enthusiast or Physical Recreation badges. Friday Cubs finished the Digital Maker badge by creating Lego robots and programming a sequence of movements. Parents were invited to view these models at the end of the meeting, which caused a lot of excitement. Dan Warner was presented with a framed and personalised “Robot Man” picture by way of thanks for running the Digital Maker sessions.

Wednesday Cubs revisited Scarlet House, this time to talk about their memory boxes. It took a little while to settle to the task but, by the end, there were little gaggles of Cubs gathered round chatting to the residents. The evening ended with a gusty singing of “The Quartermaster’s Store”. Friday Cubs were at the stage of putting together their memory boxes, which they talked about with the other Cubs. Dan Cook has also been practising a few favourite songs that we will hopefully sing when Friday Cubs visit Scarlet House in April.

The last week was a joint meeting between Wednesday and Friday Cubs and consisted of an Easter egg wide game which had been organised by Karina. The Cubs had a great time racing round completing tasks which provided clues as to the whereabouts of the Easter eggs.