Scouts_CMYK_green_stack“On my honour, I promise that I will do my best; To do my duty to God and to the Queen, To help other people, And to keep the Scout Law” – The Scout Promise

We run two Scout Troops at Randwick Scout Group – one on a Thursday evening and one on a Friday evening. Each troop is run by a Leader who is supported by parent helpers. Our Leaders plan and organise a varied and adventurous programme of termly activities.

As the oldest members of Randwick Scout Group, Scouts are encouraged to develop their independence by participating in a wide range of activities. Participation is key to gaining both challenge awards and badges to recognise Scouts’ achievements.


As part of the Scout’s World Challenge award and Community Month Friday Scouts have started working in partnership with WaterAid on the Scout Association’s Million Hands, this is a programme that wants to mobilise half a million Scouts in support of four social issues.  From dementia to those disabled by society, from improving the mental wellbeing and resilience of our communities to ensuring everyone, everywhere has access to clean water and sanitation.  To start, the Scouts have been understanding want water is, who needs/uses it and how much do they use, the next exercise will be looking directly at the work of WaterAid and how Scouts can support their course.

During October Ordnance Survey also held a National Map Reading Week.  To recognise this Friday Scouts took part in a series a wide games to test their map reading skills, starting to simply looking at six-figure grid references.

The following week Friday Scouts joined thousands of others from across the World at JOTI 2017 (Jamboree on the Internet).  This international event allows Scouts to communicate with others across the globe finding out about each other, their way of life and why they enjoy scouting.  During the event we managed to connect with Scouts from Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Romania, Germany, Malta, Poland, Ukraine, Uganda, Madagascar, Turkey, as well as several Scout Groups within the UK.

As well as our usual Friday nights several Scouts have taken part in a weekend camp for selection to the 24th World Scout Jamboree in 2019 being held in West Virginia, USA with one Scout being fortunate to be selected as part of the group representing Gloucestershire.

Thursday Scouts Monthly Blog…

The scouts have spent two evening so far this term working on the Geocaching Activity Badge. These sessions have involved the scouts learning about the history of GPS and using the GPS’s to find a number of Geocaches in the local area. To tie in with expedition kit theme started last term; the scouts were introduced to the Trangia camping stove. This evening saw the scouts learn how to successfully assemble, operate and ultimately cook on the stoves. A simple hot dog snack was enjoyed at the end of the meeting.

The main highlight of this term has been the New Forest Expedition Weekend. This weekend served as a gentle introduction to the world of expeditions; with the focus being on the etiquette of navigating, walking and cooking in groups. The walk spanned over two days and 20km and resulted in some very tired young people.